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from Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Saturday, 25-08-12 22:32

The tunnels are very educational and interesting. YAY!


from Lloydminster, Sask, Canada

Wednesday, 22-08-12 17:58

The cast was very funny and represented the characters in a believable, enjoyable way and very accurate. I enjoyed the Chicago connection more, as it's more of history presented theatrically. The cast was awesome:) great job! For passage to fortune our tour guide miss Dawson was Amanda (see cast) and for the Chicago connection the Fanny actress was Jessica * I think I got that right* I'd go again and again!!


Shawn W.
from Minitonas, Manitoba, Canada

Monday, 06-08-12 21:03

Loved it, saw both tours and I have to say - it is the some of the best quality infotainment that could not be compared to in larger centers.


from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Wednesday, 18-05-11 07:08

interesting tunnels and well done, though not as big as Seattle's tunnel system, I wish the tunnels in Moose Jaw would be expanded to include all other tunnels as it is told many tunnels exhist in some form - from the train station to Temple Gardens


from Moose Jaw, SK, Canada

Wednesday, 23-02-11 15:38

I went on these tours when I was a very little girl and I thought that it was really happening right then. I walked around terrified that Al Capone was going to come get me for weeks; the actors did an amazing job! I went again not too long ago and learned a lot, as well as enjoying the experience again.


from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Tuesday, 28-12-10 18:19

my sister, parents and myself went in late July on our way to Ontario, its was an amazing experience! We went to and saw the Chinese one, it was amazing! We are hoping to go again to do see the gang one :) Perfect for the whole family, we all could learn something from these tours :)


from Regina, SK, Canada

Wednesday, 17-11-10 11:46

Keep up the WONDERFUL job. Tours were great. Staff/ actors were wonderful....thanks again :)


AnnMarie Belanger
from Wyoming, Ontario, Canada

Saturday, 11-09-10 14:44

We were on holiday and visited the tunnels,we enjoyed both tours.While on the Al Capone tunnel the actor J.T. reminded me of my brother in law.then when we left and looked on the actors page in the lobby we found J.T. is a Belanger!We would have liked to talk with him but they are so busy with the tours. We would definately go through them again


Natasha M.
from Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Tuesday, 17-08-10 15:50

Learning the history of the Tunnels of Fortune was very sad; however, a great learning experience. Viewing this tunnel changes your aspect on how lucky we are to be as Canadians. The Al Capone tunnel was amazingly fun. I went through the Al Capone tunnel twice and it was the most fun I ever had. I recommend the tunnels to anyone is ready to learn and have fun at the same time. Thanks again Moose Jaw for keeping the tunnels going. I will be back again soon!


from Calgary, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, 20-07-10 13:31

We were on a family vacation and while passing through Moose Jaw we thought the tunnels would be a good break for our children. Little did we know how much fun all of us enjoyed both tours! Al Capone was our fav, but so worth the stop. We recommend the tunnels to everyone!

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